Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bangkok! More Than One Night! Photo Tour!

Jen here-- I am attempting to get some semblance of chronological order back on track with this blog. To recap, we spent December in Chiang Mai, flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the beginning of January for a long weekend. From there, we headed to Siem Reap, Cambodia and then back through Thailand to Krabi, which we didn't really like. So we left a bit early to head to our next destination, Bangkok, where we stayed from January 26 to February 7. 

If you don't have a lot of time to scroll through silly photos, here is your TLDR-style preview: ate at vegan places, particularly Veganerie spots a lot; it was hot; we went to malls more than you might think; we availed ourselves of very few cultural opportunities (still more than Otis would have hoped for), Chris hurt his ankle (in a mall); and we saw our friend from law school, Rick, who had recently moved to BKK.

Welcome to Bangkok

Adorbs elephant in our hotel

Otis signs the guest book at our first veg restaurant in BKK, May Veggie Home

All day every day

At Veganerie

Thanks for the heads up FB

View from our hotel room. We stayed in a high rise near Victory Monument which was about a 10 min walk from the BTS station.

Sunset by pool

On BTS please vacate seats for monks as well as the usual other demographics

Benchasiri Park

Aerobics class each night in parks all over Bangkok just after all activity stops as the national anthem is played over speakers

In our lobby cafe

Lumpini Park

Statue entitled "Youth Save the Environment" in Lumpini Park

After a misstep in a trampoline park in a mall, Chris getting an Uber to the hospital as he is wheeled out 
Chris is grimacing behind that smile as came right from the hospital to catch the end of dinner with us -- Baiphor and Rick treated us which was so lovely!! Despite Chris not being able to make it, the rest of us had a nice night together.

At the crutch store (not in a mall). Crutches were $8.

Some mall decor

Basically heaven

Working at Veganerie in yet another mall

Victory Monument traffic circle from BTS sky bridge

Trying -- and failing -- to get a more detailed doctor note from Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital for airline (we rearranged our flights) and travel insurance purposes

Watching the Super Bowl in the Sheraton 4 Points Bangkok where we relocated after Chris's ankle injury

This mall had a travel theme with each floor repping a different city from around the world, you're obviously looking at the  San Francisco level... 

...a fun place to meet up with Rick!

More working and treating ones self

Kittens at a small shrine

Otis and I eating take out and watching Open Season at Century Park Hotel 

It was Chinese New Year.... decorations were thusly themed. Gong hoy fat choy.

No picking flowers or dumping fish or turtles in this pond  at Benchasiri Park

Find me by my pasty arm: I am doing evening aerobics in 80* heat in Santiphap Park

Dinner with Rick at Broccoli Revolution

Benchasiri Park is near a Veganerie so we walked through there a lot

Panel from the Jim Thompson House, one of the most interesting cultural activities we did although a vegan fail because they were boiling silkworms to death in the courtyard to show how silk is made

Another panel at Jim Thompson House

Courtyard of the house

Dried straw flower decor

Made me laugh

Since malls are a bigger part of the culture, they have more culture within...this was an exhibit on....

...we don't remember

Outside of Siam Paragon, another mall

Inside of another mall. We began to see more set ups not just honoring the deceased king but the new one as well

Ice cream at....the mall


2/3 of us having fun at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center...we spent a really interesting afternoon there...

...and despite the fact that we had fun in this exhibit, we were really taken with an exhibit they had on environmental advocates who were killed while trying to make their corner of the world a better place. Very sobering. It is called For Those Who Died Trying and we really recommend seeing it if it comes by your area



Leaving Thailand to head back to Malaysia....thanks for the memories Thailand!